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Valgevase 9b – a new set of houses with well-planned architectural layouts in the heart of Kalamaja.

A home that’s quiet, that’s well-appointed, surrounded by a welcoming community and woven into an environment of cultural and environmental values: this is every family’s dream. Fortunately, this can be your reality. The five houses available on the inner city block of Valgevase 9b have a total of 36 comfortable one-to-five room apartments where these dreams come true. Finished with top-of-the-line materials, these homes are waiting for you and your family to make them your own.

Designing a house is like telling a story. For these homes, we started with the traditional architectural language that fits the environment of Kalamaja and added touches of modern architecture and light-filled designs. A great story should be told again and again, so we ensured that every home was energy efficient for the long-term.

You’ll never want to leave your new home, but sometimes it’s required. From the heart of Kalamaja, transportation options radiate in every direction. Quick and easy connections by foot, by bicycle and on public transport take you where you need to go anywhere in the city.

Simple, minimal and functional are the three pillars of Scandinavian design, and we’ve started with these classics for our interiors. These traditions have a cool and Nordic feel that leave space for you to make your own mark.

Every story has memorable characters, and our homes reflect this well. Each house is named after a notable character who left his or her footprint on the Estonian cultural landscape in the 20th century, and was somehow connected to Kalamaja: Karl Ristikivi (Karl’s House), Asta Willmann (Asta’s House), Artur Rinne (Artur’s House), Juhan Sütiste (Juhan’s House) and Elsa Avesson (Elsa’s House).

A solid base is important, so the houses at Valgevase 9b are made of stone, with floors made of hollow-core slab and structural walls from concrete blocks, for the durability and the quiet that your family deserves.

Each apartment has triple-glazed windows and hydronic underfloor heating for year-round coziness. An apartment-based ventilation system with heat recovery increases the energy efficiency of the apartments still further, and a fast data connection with fiber-optic cable means you’ll never be out of touch.

Parking is quick and convenient, with options of outdoor parking in the courtyard, or a covered lot underground. Storage rooms are also available under the buildings.

Great homes connect people, and we drew on this inspiration for our design. Large balconies, terraces and a spacious courtyard draw people outdoors and bring them together to use the playgrounds and open spaces. The community planter boxes are a meeting place where neighbors grow fresh herbs and become a part of where they live.

The smallest residents in our buildings are important too, so we’ve extended the courtyard into Kalma Park, where a playground is under construction and will soon be completed. Parents have the security of knowing their children have ample room to play an easy distance from their windows. Every member of the family will enjoy relaxing in the park and using the lighted cycling and pedestrian path through the park after its completion

Come and see your new home at the heart of Kalamaja.



Safe courtyard with boom barrier.

Playgrounds and recreational areas well suited for families with children.



The best place in Kalamaja.

Peaceful city block. The sea and Old Town are only a short walk away.




The park area as an extension of the courtyard. Spacious terraces.

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